Douglas Murray Archive

Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism

Douglas Murray and former Australian president John Anderson discuss cultural marxism.

Politics and The Meaning of Life: Douglas Murray and Jordan Peterson

The two intellectual heavyweights, Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray, in conversation speaking about using our time productively, politics and more. The two initially discuss

Douglas Murray on Whether Britain Needs a ‘First Girlfriend’

Douglas Murray and Kate Andrews discuss the consequences of introducing the American tradition of a ‘first spouse’ into the British political realm.

Douglas Murray Passionately Explains the Importance of Telling the Truth with Joe Rogan

In the video below, Douglas Murray divulges the importance of telling the truth, and in doing so, accepting the criticism that is likely to

Douglas Murray Discusses ‘Woke’ Companies Facing Backlash for Getting Political

Douglas Murray is interviewed about companies that are getting political with their branding and the double standards.

Fired Space Force commander’s Marxist Warning is ‘Completely True’ – Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray discusses the situation about a former space force commander who was fired for expressing his views.

Douglas Murray in Conversation with Jordan Peterson on IQ, Politics and the Left

Two intellectual giants come together to discuss various issues.