Celebrity Who Collects Luxury Sports Cars And Travels on Private Jets Says You’re The Reason For Climate Change

With heavy rain comes heavy hypocrisy. California has faced unprecedented levels of rain and flooding recently, the result is unsurprisingly that many celebrities are forced to make a statement.

Only their statements are often times as ludicrous as their own self-delusions.

One specific multi-millionaire celebrity recently made a video about how climate change is your fault and you should totally do something about it.

All the while she continues flying on private jets and collecting swathes of luxury sports cars.

Doesn’t she know that flying around the world and using sports cars harms the environment?

It might make a little more sense if she uses electric cars and flew around in a paraglider.

Alas, Hollywood isn’t exactly known for their self-awareness.

“Let’s all do our part” said the multi-millionaire celeb who has been known for living a life of overindulgence, overabundance and overconfidence.

This same celebrity loves her collection of expensive cars that use gas engines. Which damage the environment. Did we expect anything less from the “out of touch” elite?

I know I didn’t.

“We need to be nicer to Mother Nature” says the comedian who, when she isn’t polluting the environment with her cars, flies across the world in jets when her collection of luxury estates and watches bore her.

Some people who defend this celebrity may point out that she doesn’t always use her private jet to travel around the world for vacation. She instead slums it on occasion by flying first class.

The horror. Last we heard at the time this was published, she was seen escaping the torrent of water and flooding of her mansion in her almost $500 000 Lamorghini.

And yes, her number plate reads, “Go GR33N.”

source: babylonbee.com

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