Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism

In the video below, Douglas Murray sits down with the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson. The two discuss ‘cultural Marxism.’ They delve into what is meant by the term, where it originated and how it is affecting us today.

The video opens with Douglas Murray speaking about the idea of cultural Marxism being one that has evolved from the older idea of class structure, to the modern idea of minority interest structure.

The idea that your group identity bestows upon you certain characteristics is inherently flawed and prejudicial because people are fundamentally different individuals, making their own individual decisions, without the consensus of the group to which they have been placed in.

This, however, does not matter to the cultural Marxists as their goal today, as was their goal in decades past, is to dismantle societies and segregate them to restructure societies according to the intersectional victim hierarchy of social justice.

“You can predict with 100% accuracy, the people who encourage this. The people who will grab the latest claim by an interest group and run with it.” Douglas Murray makes the point that these people are easy to identify because of their eagerness to jump onto the trending issue of the day, and somehow link that issue to their radical views.

This creates an intersectional monstrosity, that if you dare to denounce a particular aspect of it, you’re demonized as if you’re denouncing it in its entirety.

For example, the ‘green’ issue. The issue surrounding climate change and the environment. Douglas Murray makes the point that, one reason they are successful is that they “aren’t onto nothing.” The issue is that they are able to link the valid concern of climate change to their radical political ideology of, for example, tearing down capitalism.

They are able to link the phenomenon of the climate(which has always been changing) to an economic structure, and if you’re supporting capitalism you are a climate change denier or you don’t care about the environment. They are able to propose the idea that the way in which we end climate change and save the environment, is to end capitalism.

You can be pro-capitalism and support efforts to lower emissions and cut down pollution.

The market responds to what the people want. We have seen in recent years, more companies working to cut their emissions and become ‘carbon neutral’ in an overwhelming number of more capitalist leaning economies compared to more communist leaning economies.

Douglas Murray goes further, making the example that these radical groups will suggest that merely being a woman and succeeding as a woman should be the first step in the wider mission of bringing down capitalism. “I don’t think most women would be onboard with that.”

These people are explicit in their aim, and are able to latch onto trending issues so that it all becomes so convoluted into a web of intersectional ideas, that if you denounce one aspect, you’re denouncing the whole thing.

“This is explicitly the aim. [This] why as I say, you can always predict exactly who is going to latch onto the latest claim. When, for instance, the big, bearded man, with male genitalia, wins the women’s weightlifting competition, you can predict with 100% accuracy, who is going to say, ‘yeah, what’s the problem with that?’ and the people who are going to say, ‘hmm. I’m not sure Clive the big weightlifter should be winning [the] women’s category.’ You can predict it.

And the people who say, ‘why have you got a problem with that, bigot?’ are always the same people who believed, in the past, that our societies needed to be pulled apart in another fashion, and now they’d like to do it in this fashion.”

The people who support this mindset are in some sense, disappointed that the working class has not revolted against the elite class and they are now trying to use other means to achieve the same goal.

This is demonstrated in their demonizing of critical aspects of our societies that, in a sense, mark our individuality. Democracy, nation-states, religions, and the family structure.

The video goes on with Douglas Murray explaining how exactly it is that these ideas have infiltrated the academics, politics, and society at large.

WATCH the video here:

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