Douglas Murray Discusses ‘Woke’ Companies Facing Backlash for Getting Political

The segment below, opens up by showing a new advertisement produced by America’s oldest consumer protection agency targeting ‘woke’ companies putting politics over their customers and the hypocrisy of the particular ad campaigns.

The advertisement highlights the hypocrisy of various companies such as American Airlines for requiring its passengers to show ID to fly but opposes Texas’ voter ID law, Coca-Cola attacking Georgia’s voter ID law ‘to distract from years of dismal sales’ and Nike has become political in order to cover congressional reports that it used forced labour in China.

The host poses the question to Douglas Murray about why corporate giants would take the risk alienating half their customers by taking a particular political stance. His response is that they believe that there is something to gain from these campaigns in the short term.

Douglas Murray praises the ad by stating that people should be ‘intensely suspicious of woke corporations’. He pushes the point that these campaigns have very little to do with their core business and people should try and gain an understanding as to why these corporations would elect to conduct their business along these lines. He believes the main motivation for this is to ‘cover up things that are much more concerning’.

Corporations that engage in these practices may have more sinister motives for pushing a particular agenda, which have nothing to do with the perceived message of the advertisement. These motives may include distraction from scandals or even as a way of peddling backdoor political influence.

Douglas Murray speaks about how the CEO of Shopify communicated to all employees that they work for a for-profit organisation, they are not a family or a government. Shopify as a company are not here to, and cannot, sort out all the ills and injustices plaguing society.

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