Douglas Murray in Conversation with Jordan Peterson on IQ, Politics and the Left

Douglas Murray and Jordan Peterson are intellectual giants in their respective areas of expertise. They have conducted a number of lectures, events and discussions that are undoubtedly thought-provoking, well thought out and offer their opinions on topics backed up by the research they have conducted.

The discussion below opens with Douglas Murray posing the question to Jordan Peterson about when politics goes wrong, on the left and the right. They begin the dialogue by discussing when the right goes wrong.

Jordan Peterson speaks about World War II and how events helped formulate a general consensus that claims of ethnic or racial superiority place one outside the realms of acceptable political discourse. Dialogue along these lines inevitably leads down the path toward undesirable conflict and marginalise people based on characteristics they have no control over. This discussion of when politics goes wrong on both sides of the isle can be linked strongly to identity politics.

One of the fundamental problems with modern politics is the inability to consider the motivations and reasons as to why someone may differ in opinion to you. This intolerance inevitably leads individuals to form preconceived ideas of those with whom they disagree.

The consequence of this is that an open and honest discussion can’t be entertained because if someone on the ‘other side’ utters something that is outside of your preconceived idea of why they hold the views they hold, you won’t believe what they are saying as the truth.

This unwillingness to consider that views may be flawed on both sides, further polarises people along political lines. It goes further than that in the sense that people on a particular side, may believe that those with whom they disagree are morally and intellectually bankrupt, and if this is the case, would it even be possible to engage in open dialogue?

As the discussion progresses, a number of controversial and uncomfortable topics are discussed in detail, and it is truly fascinating to watch the two men give their honest point of views.

Watch the full discussion here:

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