Douglas Murray Passionately Explains the Importance of Telling the Truth with Joe Rogan

In the video below, Douglas Murray divulges the importance of telling the truth, and in doing so, accepting the criticism that is likely to result from speaking the truth.

He makes the important distinction between receiving genuine criticism of the ideas espoused from those actually seeking the truth, and those that are critiquing ideas based merely on the fact that their goal is to tear down the individual. He states that the latter group, he does not tend to listen to, as he believes their motivation is not seeking the truth, but is simply trying to ‘cancel’ individuals with whom they differ in opinion.

He emphasises the importance of being able to differentiate between the two groups in order to identify genuine criticism, and perhaps re-examine what you believe to be true. If those who are championing truth, and want you to succeed in telling the truth, are criticising your ideas, based on their genuine motivation being truth seeking, these are the individuals that need to be listened to.

He goes on to explain his lack of sympathy for public figures whining about their inability to say what they really think on important issues, for fear of being cancelled themselves. This is a sad reality of modern times. When prominent figures speak out on relevant issues, if they are not espousing the ‘accepted’ narrative, they run the risk of being ‘cancelled’ themselves. This then raises the obvious question of, “if truth is not the goal, then what is?”

If more people, particularly those prominent in society, were speaking out on various issues dominating our daily headlines, and weren’t hindered by the attitudes of the radical cancel mob, getting to the actual facts and therefore, the truth, would be much easier.

The idea that truth is good so long as it does not offend someone, has the ability to create dangerous situations. This can lead to legislation being passed that harms entire generations as feelings were the motivation for the legislation as opposed to facts.

Watch the video here:

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