Fired Space Force commander’s Marxist Warning is ‘Completely True’ – Douglas Murray

In this clip from Fox News, Douglas Murray discusses the situation about a former space force commander who was fired for expressing his views on the adoption of critical race theory in the military.

The video opens with a clip from Tucker Carlson Today where the fired commander calls out the hypocrisy of closing schools but allowing ‘peaceful’ protests and how this draws parallels to textbook Marxism.

The host mentions that the secretary of defence had said in February that ‘if anybody in the military sees something out of place that does not belong in the military, speak up.’

Douglas Murray is brought into the discussion and states that ‘we all know the game don’t we? you should speak up as long as you speak up saying exactly the right things of today’s ideology.’

Douglass Murray states that what the commander said is true, and at the very least fair and that this is obvious to most Americans, but is however ‘not politically palatable’ by a large number of people in charge of major institutions.

Douglas Murray believes it is an absolute disgrace what happened to him and touches on the fact that he had his right to call out what he was seeing, taken away.

This create an impression that if anyone were to speak out against ideas that they may disagree with being pushed in various aspects of their lives, that they may suffer real world consequences as a result. This in itself is a form of censorship and should be condemned.

The commander himself said that the motivation for speaking out was not political and that he was merely expressing his thoughts on what he was witnessing.

If institutions are going to get so politicised, they need to expect pushback from those that do not share the same views, and the only way forward is to be open to hearing why these disagreements exist.

Douglas Murray goes on to state that people like him should be honoured by ordinary Americans.

People need to point it out, “we can’t be silenced.”

Watch the video below:

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