Free Yourself From The Past – Jordan Peterson

In the video below, Jordan Peterson reveals his thoughts and opinions based on his extensive research and knowledge in the field of psychology, about what exactly it means if you are plagued by a particular memory or set of memories that predate eighteen months, which you are still having a negative emotional reaction to.

According to Jordan Peterson, the main reason for this is that you ‘haven’t fully articulated the memory. You haven’t analyzed it causily. You haven’t freed yourself from it’s grasp and you’re carrying it like a weight.’ It can be terrifying to confront these memories as they make you feel anxious and negative.

In these cases when thinking about the past memory, your body still reacts as if there is an emergency. Whether the fault was yours or not is irrelevant as the emotional reaction is not linked to a causation effect, just the memory in isolation as it enters the conscious. This can create an overwhelming feeling of anxiety that has the ability to torture you, if left alone. These issues need to be dealt with and overcome.

You need have the courage and self-reflection to ask yourself ‘how did this happen?’ What role did your actions play (even if only minor)? These questions need to be answered honestly in order to ensure the situation is less likely to reoccur in the future. You can learn from the lessons and not repeat the negative behaviors, or build yourself up so that a weakness that you had that contributed to the negative memory, can be strengthened.

AS the video progresses, Jordan Peterson reflects on cases that he has dealt with and gives a few examples from his own clinical practice. He speaks about how your brain is constantly working to place your being in the world. It assesses situations where you have mastered and areas where you have failed.

In order to overcome past failures that still haunt you today, Jordan Peterson suggests dividing your life into six epochs, and write about the emotionally significant events that occurred in each. Transcribe their effects on you and what you might have done differently, and what you may do differently in the future. He delves into more detail in the remainder of the video that you can see below.

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