If You Hate Jordan Peterson Watch This Video

Jordan Peterson is a lot of things to many people. He has helped countless people through his lectures, writings and videos. He was thrust into the spotlight for denouncing mandated gendered language, but has become a great speaker of the truth, that many people are never subjected to on a wide range of topics.

He himself has gone through difficult times and shown his own humanity through his own battle with depression and addiction. He acknowledges that his lessons are predominantly on the subject of self-improvement and bearing the burden of taking responsibility for your own life, but never suggested that he is perfect.

This video opens on an emotional note, where he discusses the interactions he has with those that follow his work and attend his lectures. He becomes emotional about the realisation that so many people receive no encouragement, even for the positive actions they may have made. The fact that people need so little encouragement, and don’t receive it, affects him in such a profound way that he can’t help but become emotional about the situation.

In the next clip, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is clearly affected in a personal way with the message where he addresses someone ‘left behind’, after their daughter committed suicide. He goes on to touch on the fact that depression is something that he has personally experienced, and finds it impossible to hold back tears while explaining ways in which those left behind can hopefully, not blame themselves and get through the tragedy one day at a time.

Jordan Peterson goes on to state what his goals are with his message: ‘I want to help as many individuals as possible, become more courageous, more truthful and more engaged in the pursuit of individual, familial and social harmony. That’s what I want.’

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