Important Life Lessons Learned by Jordan Peterson

There are many valuable lessons that can be learned and implemented from Jordan Petersons work. When utilised properly, you can adopt meaning and become willing to accept responsibility for your own life. Below is a list of a few crucial lessons that, when accepted and adopted, vastly improve your life, and your interaction with the world around you.

Pick Your Sacrifice

In your life, you will constantly be faced with difficult challenges. These challenges will force you to have to make decisions, and as a consequence, sacrifices will have to be made. Your life cannot be absent of sacrifice one way or the other, and therefore you will have to choose the sacrifices you make.

The decision to accept that your life is your responsibility, forces you to mature and sacrifice infantile elements of infinite potential and lack of mortality. These are extremely difficult realisations, and the longer you defer them, the more arduous they become to accept. A consequence of procrastinating this realisation, is that people around you will have less sympathy for your refusal to grow the hell up. When you are inevitably in a situation where you have no choice but to mature and bear the burden of your own life, only then can meaning be found and embraced.

Pursue a Noble Aim

Utopia does not exist. Life is full of tragedy and meaning needs to be identified among the suffering in order to be able to mitigate the negative effects of tragedy. Pursuing something meaningful will force you to enter into unchartered territory, while maintaining elements of security, and this balance between the unknown and the known is where meaning can be found.

If you fail to find meaning, and elect to stay in the ‘known’, you will never grow and learn, which becomes a problem, as you don’t know everything. The opposite is also true, if you are fully immersed in the ‘unknown’, you will feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety that can easily become paralyzing. A balance between the known and unknown is where you feel alive.

This is where we can search for the answers to the question of, ‘where am I going?’. If you remain in the security of the ‘known’, the answer is nowhere. If you are fully immersed in the ‘unknown’, the answer is that you have no idea. Finding this balance between the two, results in the pursuit of something meaningful. You need to have a noble aim – the known, and you need to learn new skills and grow – the unknown, to get to the aim, or as close as possible. The nobler the aim, the more meaning you will discover.

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Face Suffering Voluntarily

‘Suffering is an integral part of existence’. We all have aspects of our being that are far from ideal. These imperfections are constantly judged by society as insufficient. In a healthy, diverse society, you are able to identify your niche where the aspects of your being that are good can be accepted. In a tyrannical society, it becomes easy to place blame for your imperfections on others.

But, even in a tyrannical society, at the very least, suffering still occurs throughout your lifespan as those around you pass away. Your parents, and many others in your life. This suffering can’t be blamed on society, as this happens as part and parcel of your existence. Further than that, there are things that you could be doing, that you are not, that can help alleviate part of your suffering. Tell the truth. Take full responsibility for your own life. Don’t be a victim and fall into the trap of placing blame for your shortcomings at the tyrannical aspects of society.

You also need to be able to acknowledge the fact that ‘you don’t need to have done anything wrong for things to get completely out of control.’ This realisation is terrifying, but not hopeless. There is a way forward. You can become someone who is able to respect yourself and is able to face the chaos by adopting responsibility and avoidance of those things that increase the chaos.

Voluntarily exposing yourself to things you are afraid of is part of the responsibility that you need to adopt. Facing your fears voluntarily makes you stronger. Doing this consistently decade after decade will transform your life unimaginably. This leads to another realisation. The fact that part of your suffering is completely of your own doing, because you are not adopting full responsibility for your existence. ‘You are not everything that you could be and you know it.’

If we all got our acts together collectively, the upper limits of the positive impact on society are unimaginable.

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