Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro Discuss Why Men and Women are Different

In this video, Ben Shapiro sits down with Dr Jordan Peterson, where the two intellectual heavyweights discuss the differences between men and women.

With the recent push in the political landscape to deny that differences exist between men and women, and that basic biology is this malleable target that can be altered by ones subjective view of themselves, it is crucial that common sense prevails.

When the noisy radical minority pushes the idea that biological differences are irrelevant and that gender is merely a social construct, the tremendous strides made over the last 50 years with regards to women’s rights, appears meaningless.

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When biological men are able to compete in women’s events in the Olympics, when scholarships reserved for women are ‘awarded’ to biological men that identify as women, the real world consequences begin to become apparent. The long-term ramifications will undoubtedly be at the expense of women.

Jordan Peterson begins by discussing studies that have been performed over the last 3 decades, that all indicate that differences exist between men and women. The next question then becomes, to what degree are these differences biological and what degree are these differences socio-cultural.

These tests have been conducted by looking at countries that have made the greatest efforts toward creating an egalitarian society. The hypothesis being that, ‘if gender differences decrease among more egalitarian societies, then the gender differences are socio-cultural’. However, the exact opposite was found.

Jordan Peterson goes on to discuss how the empirical evidence that backs up these claims, is completely dismissed by radical ideologues in favour of unsubstantiated subjective humanities papers, which almost always have zero citations.

Despite the push in the social sciences and humanities to dismiss biological differences, it was these social scientists that collated the data that indicated that the more egalitarian a society becomes, the greater the gender differences became.

The presupposition of these radical ideologues with regards to gender, even when confronted with the evidence that disproves their notion, continue to beat the same drum that external intervention (by the state in most cases) will yield the results that satisfy their egos. This is an extremely dangerous precedent to set, as coercion of society to effect a certain result can only lead to tyranny.

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