Dr Jordan Peterson has had turbulent last few years plagued with notoriety, fortune, ill-health and addiction. This is all well documented in his own videos, lectures and podcasts as well as the media. His daughter has also discussed these topics with her father on her own podcast.

The video below showcase’s some of his ‘greatest hits’ on the road to becoming one of the most threatening voices of our time, daring to take on the politically correct narrative espoused by those in the legacy media complex, Hollywood and various ‘movements’ that have tried to dictate how we may interact with each other.

Jordan Peterson rose to international prominence in Canada by taking a stand against the proposed mandated use of gendered language. On this point, he has not for a second altered his position. He has an integrated understanding of the danger that such policies lead to. He has done extensive research on government coercion that was rife over the last century.

His grounding as a clinical psychologist has given him a unique perspective when unpacking some of these complex issues that have become extremely politicised.

Over a relatively short period of time, he was invited to various interviews, podcasts, debates and lectures. Often the people conducting these events held views contrary to his own and this resulted in the ‘gotcha’ moments that make up this video.

Some of my favorite clips from the compilation include the opening interview with Cathy Newman – which has over 35 million views on YouTube, the interview with Helen Lewis – which has over 48 million views on YouTube and the interview at the 14:12 minute mark, where Jordan Peterson educates him on history regarding women in society and the tremendous strides made in technology that aided their freedom.

Watch below and let us know your favorite moment:

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