Jordan Peterson Calls Out An Ignorant Millennial

In the video below, Jordan Peterson is part of a panel that is taking questions from the audience. The focus of the video showcases the absolute narcissistic undue moral superiority that plagues so many in today’s modern times.

Gone are the days of simply being able to have a difference of opinion, without that difference casting aspersions on those with whom you disagree, about their intentions or motives behind their speech or actions.

The video opens with a young lady asking Jordan Peterson about his thoughts on how young people can go about enacting meaningful change in the world with regards to the ‘big problems.’ She finishes her opening remarks with a condescending remark to which Jordan Peterson immediately shuts her down and challenges her to ‘reformulate’ the question. Which she duly does.

In her reformulation, she answers her own question. How can anyone be expected to solve the ‘big problems’ facing the world when you can’t even get your room in order? People that have a goal of tackling major issues in the world have the responsibility to act in a manner that transcends good behaviour, emanating from the way in which they go about handling their daily tasks. This starts at home. Clean your room. If you are unable to get your house in order, a much simpler task than say, ending world hunger, how could you possibly go about changing the course of humanity?

Jordan Peterson speaks about his grounding as a psychologist and how people can go about enacting major positive effects to themselves and those around them. Individuals who are able to build themselves up and expand their competence are able to establish themselves as effective members in their communities and make wise decisions.

He states that he has never believed that there is no domain for social action, but merely that those who can’t order their own lives effectively, have no business in trying to go about ordering the world. To which the ignorance of the lady is on full display as she shales her head in disbelief at what she just heard. 

He doesn’t believe that collective responsibility hidden behind veils of pseudo moralistic stances, should trump individuals perusing a noble aim. He goes further by stating that those people are often avoiding issues in their own lives and using their pseudo moralistic virtue as justification for this.

WATCH the video here:

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