Jordan Peterson Calmly & Articulately Dismantles Radical Feminism

The video below opens on a subtly hostile tone which provides some insight into the attitude of the interviewer before delving into the specifics of the discussion.

The interviewer initiates the discussion with a clear misunderstanding, and attempts to over-simplify, Jordan Peterson’s position on the controversial bill mandating the use of preferred gender pronouns.

This attempt at misrepresentation is immediately dealt with by Jordan Peterson, and he forces her to get specific about the intricacies of her questions. He understands that the positions he holds on various topics, when taken out of context or over-simplified, can be misconstrued and used to paint him in a negative light in order to avoid genuine debate.

She goes on to try and frame his argument as one of denying individuals that are battling with their identity, respect and dignity. He abruptly corrects her and restates his argument as one of being against government mandated use of preferred gendered language, which, if not complied with, is a punishable offense.

He argues that the justification of the bill being compassion and understanding, is essentially a smoke screen used by bureaucrats to determine what language an individual is allowed to utter.

The interviewer quickly changes the line of discussion by asking Jordan Peterson if he is a feminist. To which his response is that he is against the radical nature of what modern feminism has morphed into. The collectivist nature, the absolute willingness of these radicals to use bureaucracy to enforce their ideals with a complete disregard of the consequences of these actions. He goes on to state that he is completely supportive of the idea of equality of opportunity.

Jordan Peterson explains how the countries that have gone to the greatest lengths to create egalitarian societies, have resulted in the greatest differences between men and women, and this is in direct contrast to the expected results.

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