Jordan Peterson Discusses the Mandated use of Gendered Language

In the video below, Jordan Peterson appears on a panel discussion about the mandated use of gendered language.

The video starts off, as so many do, with a misrepresentation of views held by Jordan Peterson in order to frame a particular narrative.

He addresses this immediately, by correcting the phrasing of the question by stating that “[he] wasn’t going to allow the contents of [his] speech to be dictated by a virtue-signalling government”.

Jordan Peterson goes on to explain how the Canadian government mandated the use of personal pronouns. This made individuals criminally liable for non-compliance in certain circumstances. This is a direct violation of the fundamental democratic principle of freedom of speech.

This radical idea gives credence to narcissistic egomaniacs that are of the belief that their subjective views of themselves must be embraced by everyone they come into contact with, or face the consequences.

This is an extremely dangerous precedent to set, and when viewed through the lense of history, can have deadly consequences.

A transgender member of the panel decides to embark on a non-sequential tangent in an attempt to justify government mandated speech.

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When your justification for mandated gendered language, the key term being mandated, is equated to Shakespeare or joking about having a bomb on a plane, the lack of strength in your argument is evident.

Just 5 years ago, it would be unheard of for a government in a civilised democracy, to force people, with the threat of criminality, to say certain things.

This completely undermines the basis of a free society and violates the rights of every individual who believes, as they should, that they are in control of their utterances.

This idea goes further than that, because it allows narcissistic individuals to subjectively determine what they deem as acceptable speech, and punish those in disagreement with their virtue-signalling false altruism.

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