Jordan Peterson Has Had Enough of Narcissistic Fools

The following is a video of two clips, with two completely different approaches and two radically different outcomes.

The first video takes place at a lecture given by Jordan Peterson where, presumably a student, gets his chance to ask a question and obtain a different perspective on the issue of the use gender pronouns and how this relates to respecting an individual’s identity.

 Although the initial question has been formulated in such a way as to confuse pronouns and adjectives, and link the use of these to respect for the individual, the student is able to fully ask his question. Because the question is asked in a civil manner, without infringing on the rights of anyone else in the venue, he is given the opportunity to ask his question in full, without interruption.

Upon completion of the question, Jordan Peterson is able to give his response in a thoughtful but precise manner. He addresses the implication of failing to distinguish between pronouns and adjectives and states that if an individual is able to decide what pronouns others must use to refer to them, why can’t they decide what adjectives must be used?

The issue of respect is then addressed. Jordan Peterson states his view that respect is not automatically bestowed upon every individual, but is in fact earned. True respect loses its value if it is diluted to the point where it has no meaning. If you respect everyone equally, do you respect anyone at all? He makes reference to the Simpsons episode in which Bart receives a trophy because it is ‘every child gets a trophy day’. There is no meaning in receiving the trophy. “Respect is actually limited to that category of people who have earned respect in some manner.” Jordan Peterson makes the distinction between respect and common decency.

In the next clip, a complete lack of decency is on full display. The agitators take advantage of the civility of the crowd and the organisers in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings and shout down the opinions they disagree with. The uncivil agitators begin by shouting profanities toward the speakers and then proceed to hijack the stage.

Jordan Peterson states how this behaviour is appalling and is complete narcissism.

Watch the full exchange here:

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