Jordan Peterson On Getting Over Your Fear Of Dating Beautiful Women

The video below opens with Jordan Peterson speaking about Venus, the goddess of love, and how the image portrayed of her is that of ‘female perfection.’ The image he is referring to, displays Venus in a transcendent manner, with the knights kneeling before her. “What does this mean? Men use the image of female perfection to motivate themselves. And that’s exactly right.”

He speaks about the Tom Sawyer story and how when a girl, Becky, he is attracted to moves across the street, the first thing he does is jump on top of the fence and balances, as way to try and impress her. She motivated him to do something that he thinks would move him into the realm of, ‘hey, look at me.’ This is equivalent to men trying to do something in order for their idea of female perfection to approve of them.

“That’s something I think modern women don’t really understand about men. They don’t understand, at least to the degree that males are uncorrupted and not bitter because of being rejected. They’re doing everything they can to kneel before the eternal image of the feminine.”

Jordan Peterson speaks about how he is not sure if women are aware of how paralyzing they can be to young men. “A very large number of my clinical clients, but also young men I talk to in general, are absolutely terrified of women.” This overwhelming fear stems from their fear of being rejected. “The terror exists in precise proportion to their attraction to the women.”

This is one reason why men are inclined to make a fool of themselves in front of women they are attracted to. The reason for this is that men don’t see this woman as a female person, but more a image of female perfection, almost a goddess in nature. She is the “manifestation of a judgmental ideal.” Once a relationship has been established, only then can men differentiate between this judgmental ideal and the actual individual woman.

This separation between the ideal and the individual requires a sacrifice. This is because you can never have a relationship with the image of the ideal woman. As you get to know someone and build a relationship with them, you learn their flaws and imperfections and she learns yours, and you both find a way to live with them, or adjust certain behaviors in order to maintain the relationship.

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