Jordan Peterson On Those Who Celebrate Lenin

“That’s like celebrating Hitler.” The video below opens with Jordan Peterson speaking about how those who celebrate Lenin is “not good.” He compares this to celebrating Hitler. “The fact that people can dare to think that that’s okay, means that there’s something wrong with the way that we look at history.”

“Lenin was a monster.” Jordan Peterson does not mince words when speaking about the ruthless abhorrent leadership style of the Soviet Unions Communist leader.

He speaks about some of the horrendous atrocities that took place under communist rule and how apologists for these events are pure evil in their intentions, or are completely narcissistic to think that had they been in charge, ‘real communism’ would have prevailed, and this would have ushered in the utopian dream of candy and sugar canes, with the continuation of the species being the most common form of exercise.

“His henchman was Stalin, and if you’re henchman is Stalin, you’re not a good guy.” In Lenin’s own words, he was more than willing to let any amount of people die provided his ideological system of governance prevailed. “So there’s no celebrating Lenin. There’s no, ‘we’re cool young Marxist hip revolutionaries and he’s our idol.’”

Jordan Peterson states that “if you know anything” or are a decent person, this is precisely the worst kind of person to even consider celebrating. He goes on to back this point up by mentioning a short list of examples where millions were killed as a direct result of Leninist policies.

He speaks about how we will never know the true extent of the amount of people killed, as the estimates range anywhere from 15 to 60 million people. “The fact that we don’t know between 15 and 60 [million] is actually an indication of the horror of it.”

As the video progresses, Jordan Peterson lists numerous examples of where this ideology has been implemented and the catastrophic circumstances they resulted in. He speaks about how close we came to being annihilated in nuclear attacks and how Castro was, as he admitted to Jimmy Carter, more than willing to sacrifice Cuba in order to defeat the United States.

This ‘experiment was “precisely the antithesis of good.”

He then touches on Mau, and the Chinese communist experiment. He mentions that Mau was a bigger monster than Stalin. “Maybe 100 million people died in China.”

He lists more Communist states that ultimately failed, and all resulted in catastrophic outcomes for the people in those countries. If not millions killed, it was destitution.

The video closes with Jordan Peterson dissecting the mentality of those who believe that ‘real communism was never tried.’ “You think in your delusional arrogance, that you understand the Marxist doctrines better than anyone else ever has, and that if you were the one implementing those doctrines, you would have ushered in the utopia.”

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