Jordan Peterson On What Attracts Men And Women

In the video below, Jordan Peterson gives an overview of ‘attraction markers’ that men and women utilize when selecting a partner.

The video opens with Jordan Peterson speaking about how ‘many men are petrified into immobility’ with the idea of talking to women. They don’t know how to talk to them and this inability to engage in a meaningful way paralyzes them with fear.

‘If you’re chronically rejected by people, its often because of your own insufficiencies.’ For people who are constantly rejected, a deep need for self-reflection is required in order to identify what these insufficiencies may be. ‘You can’t just brush it off as oh well no one likes me, but really I’m okay.’  Once an individual is able to identify what these insufficiencies are, they are able to make meaningful change in order build themselves up and ‘tick a greater number of the boxes that their potential partner is evolutionally looking to tick,’ Often these ‘boxes’ relate to health.

Men and women use a some ‘set of markers as a proxy indicator for health.’ One of these markers is symmetry, which is an element of beauty. ‘Healthier people tend to be more symmetrical.’ This idea of using symmetry is not confined to people as many animals use this when selecting a mate.

Shoulder width to waist width and waist width to hip width are two more markers that are evolutionally hardwired into our selection criteria.

According to the data, ‘women mate across dominance hierarchies and up socio-economically speaking.’ One of the reasons for this is that it increases favorable outcomes in the process of having children. Whereas men don’t appear to be to be concerned with the socio-economic status of women, generally speaking.

Another marker used in the process of attraction is health. If you are healthy and are energetic, the chances of being successful are greatly multiplied. People will generally want to select a healthier partner for a number of reasons.

Both genders appear to use attractiveness and intelligence as ‘attraction markers’ in their selection criteria. Both use personality, however different aspects are favored by men than are favored by women.

Watch the video below to learn more about what attraction markers are used when selecting a partner:

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