Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman – Full Interview

“So You’re Saying”

The now famous interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman has been viewed more than 31 million times at the date of this publication.

For those that haven’t yet seen it, and overlooking the lack of an open mind on the part of the interviewer, Jordan Peterson addresses many of the very real and crucial issues facing people in modern times, but in particular, young men.

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The ideas espoused by Jordan Peterson appear to strike a nerve with the interviewer. The idea that young men are ‘starving for this sort of message’ is in direct contrast to the radical ideological messages that have become so prevalent in modern times. They are constantly bombarded with the notion that masculinity is an undesirable trait, and social structures need less of it. This cannot be better demonstrated in the world of academia, where courses have been cultivated based solely on the idea of tearing down the hierarchical structure that values competence.

The need to develop oneself into a productive and competent member of society bodes well for the individual, as well as those with which the individual interacts. ‘Competence is power’ should not to be confused with the idea that power leads to tyranny. Power, when corrupted can lead to tyranny, but power based on competence is far more desirable for society at large, than any other hierarchical structure that radical ideologues subjectively determine.

Through a multiplicity of factors, certain discrepancies in society arise. An example being the so called ‘gender pay gap’. Those aligned with the idea that this is a result solely based on gender, completely ignore all other factors that determine earning potential. As Jordan Peterson points out, there are characteristics, such as agreeableness, that are more prevalent among women that negatively impact ones earning potential. This is just one factor. Another factor would be chosen field of occupation. The STEM fields, which is dominated by men, pays vastly higher wages than the humanities, which is dominated by women.

As the interview goes on, the interviewer has clearly formed a preconceived idea of who Jordan Peterson is, what his positions are and has absolutely no willingness to open her mind to opinions that differ to hers.

This is a sad reality of modern discourse and can only be overcome with robust debate and discussion, without fear of the ‘cancel culture’ mob threatening to destroy those who aren’t expressing the accepted ideas of the noisy minority.

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