Jordan Peterson’s Appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher

For those that have had the privilege of viewing the now famous interview Jordan Peterson had with Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, it is of no surprise that his prominence skyrocketed following the release of the interview. His calm demeanor and well thought out responses quite clearly threw the interviewer of her game, and this propelled him into the spotlight on a more global scale.

For this, he was afforded the opportunity to join Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher in a panel discussion where, among other topics, political correctness and free speech were dissected.

Bill Maher introduces Jordan Peterson by admitting his adoration and his love of a line from the Channel 4 interview, “in order to think, you have to risk being offensive.”

The two begin the discussion by defining what is meant by the term ‘political correctness’, with Bill Maher stating that he was often asked to define it as a result of previously hosting a show entitled ‘Politically Incorrect’. His definition was that political correctness is “the elevation of sensitivity over truth.” To which Jordan Peterson responds, “it’s more like the elevation of moral posturing about sensitivity over truth. It’s even worse.”

The question is then posed to Jordan Peterson about how did we get here? His response is that the blame can be place at the feet of the universities. With universities embracing a radical leftist policy overlaid with post modernism.

He goes on to describe the ascendance of the cult-like idea of identity politics and group identity, as well as the suppression of speech. Bill Maher uses the example of a professor who tweeted an insensitive comment after Barbara Bush passed away and how the president of the university stated that this was ‘beyond free speech. This was disrespectful’. Whether people want to admit or not, being disrespectful is covered under free speech. Jordan Peterson goes on to site the unwillingness of comedians to perform shows on university campuses due to the intolerance of the students and faculty.

Watch the clip here:

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