Jordan Petersons Best Comebacks Ever

To many, Jordan Peterson is a controversial figure. His views and stances on a wide range topics evoke emotional responses from those who agree with him, as well as those who oppose him.

It was almost inevitable that he would be thrust into the political realm, as more and more issues become politically charged. The primary aim of his work focusses on the adoption of personal responsibility and searching for meaning in one’s life.

Due to his stances on issues that many people have strong feelings about, he is often a target of radicals looking to silence him. This is something he does not stand for.

The video below shows a compilation of responses to those who have tried, unsuccessfully to rattle him and have him silenced based on the fact that he holds a different point of view.

The first video is one of the initial clips that skyrocketed his presence on YouTube and provided him with a greater platform to reach more people.

His opponents unknowingly contributed greatly to his success. Throughout this compilation, it is patently obvious that many who oppose his ideas fundamentally misunderstand his views. He is primarily not seeking to divide people, but to bring to the fore truths that are not necessarily self-evident and are backed up by overwhelming evidence.

Many radicals tend to engage with him in a confrontational manner before the utterance of his first sentence. They have a preconceived idea of what he stands for, and are unwilling to engage in constructive debate, therefore failing to identify any common ground.

Those who follow his work are able to bear witness to the fact that he handles himself well in stressful situations and because he has done the necessary research on the topics on which he speaks, he is able to provide well thought out responses to even the most vile of questions.

Watch the video here:

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