Jordan Peterson’s Finest Robust Retorts Against Michael Eric Dyson – Munk Debates:

The video below showcases Jordan Peterson’s finest retorts against the extremely hostile Georgetown University Sociology Professor Michael Eric Dyson, who continuously avoided questions posed by Jordan Peterson on the topic of the debate, ‘political correctness’, and instead resorted to ad hominin attacks.

The excerpts below place on full display, everything wrong with identity politics. When one tries to make inferences about an individuals character based purely on their immutable traits, when coming up against Jordan Peterson, the result is inevitably destruction of their weak arguments and showcasing their unoriginal groupthink talking points. It makes their reasoning and positions on issues predictable.

As the video progresses, the intensity of the combativeness between Jordan Peterson and Michael Eric Dyson increases as the character attacks become more intense, and the responses to these, even more intriguing. MED assumes using big words makes his arguments, or lack thereof, sound intelligent – you can put makeup on a pig, it’s still a pig.

Because political correctness is almost impossible to intelligently defend, the debate always descends into unsavoury talking points and continuous avoidance of the questions posed. This debate devolved into MED trying, and failing, to misrepresent Jordan Peterson as so many have tried to do and placing on full display his lack of originality and sheep-like arguments that any humanities student could attempt, maybe with smaller words.

‘You’re a mean mad white man.’ This is the line that ‘appalled’ Jordan Peterson and the disgust on his face is evident. He responds by pointing out that the assumptions made about him based on his appearance in no way resemble the way he was brought up. That personal experience is not at all a concern of those who use identity politics to paint with a broad brush, in an unflattering way, all those with whom they disagree. ‘I would say the fact that race got dragged into that particular comment, is a better example of what the hell I think is wrong with the politically correct left than anything else that could have possibly happened.’

MEDs response is immediately playing the victim, as if speaking to the tune of the world’s small violin, with a thesaurus in his pocket.

‘So your group oppression justifies your racist insult to me? Figures.’ MED is oblivious to the fact that he is making assumptions based on race and he is clearly incapable of self-reflection.

WATCH the video here:

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