Jordan Peterson Gives Foundational Advice to Young Men

In the short video below, Mikhaila Peterson sits down with her father, Jordan Peterson to discuss his advice for young men.

Jordan Petersons self-help work revolves are the adoption of responsibility, and individuals taking on that responsibility voluntarily.

The video opens with Mikhaila Peterson asking her father, “What advice do you have for a young man in his twenties?”

To which he responds, “make a plan. Look at what you’re interested in, get disciplined about something. Allow for the possibility that you have something important to contribute to the world, and that the world would be a lesser place without that contribution.”

 This is quite a profound statement to make. This type of advice is unfortunately not common in modern times, especially when it comes to young men. Young men have become averse to voluntarily taking on responsibility, which develops, over time, into fear of taking on that responsibility.

It has almost become a taboo subject to provide encouragement to young men who have goals they wish to achieve. We constantly hear about how this group is oppressed and that group is oppressed, and the perpetrators of this oppression rests at the feet of men.

As a result, phenotypically similar groups, excluding men, receive great encouragement for modest achievements, while men are shouted down for their achievements. This is not to imply that only men should receive encouragement and recognition, but the dismissal of their achievements is part of the reason why they are opting to not take on the responsibility that will undoubtedly give their lives meaning.

Young men are constantly told that their pursuit to become competent, and thus, powerful, is a plague on society and when embraced, can only lead to tyranny. The opposite is true. While power can become tyrannical, it is competence that improves the individual, and those with which the individual interacts.

Men that seek to get their act together and pursue meaningful goals, are far more beneficial to themselves, their families and the environment in which they operate.

You can watch the video here:

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