Jordan Petersons Hostile Interview with GQ

In the video below, Jordan Peterson sits down with Helen Lewis of British GQ to discuss his views regarding the patriarchy, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascism, his all meat diet among other contentious topics.

In Jordan Petersons own words, where he discussed the interview with Joe Rogan, Helen Lewis was hostile from the outset. It appears that she had already formulated a preconceived idea that he embodied everything she considered distasteful, and that there was no willingness on her side to consider his views, in any way that contradicted her preconceived idea of who he was.

It is obvious from the beginning of the interview that Jordan Peterson himself, appears extremely impatient as a result of their discussion preceding the interview, in which she told him in more words, that this was going to be a war.

The British GQ interview on the whole, was a far more intellectual discussion between two people with clearly opposing points of view on almost all topics discussed, when compared to the Cathy Newman interview on Channel Four. In saying this, the lack of an open mind as a result of prejudicial formulations resulted in many uncomfortable moments throughout the interview.

One of the key points of disagreement emanates from the idea that the relationship between men and women throughout history, was one of tyranny, and this has only shifted slightly as a result of radical social change. This morphs into the idea that societal hierarchies are today dominated by tyrannical men at the expense of women. This completely dismisses the idea that hierarchies form based on competence and power – not tyrannical power, but power based on competence.

In order to develop this competence, responsibility needs to be voluntarily embraced and a noble cause identified, in order pursue something meaningful.

The full interviews covers a wide range of topics that remain constant talking points in the media and it is fundamental that these discussions are had in order to be able to identify good ideas and bad ideas based on the evidence, as opposed to subjectively selected outcomes that have no backing when confronted with facts.

Watch the video here:

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