Politics and The Meaning of Life: Douglas Murray and Jordan Peterson

The two intellectual heavyweights, Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray, in conversation speaking about using our time productively, politics and more.

The two initially discuss how the decisions of what to do with ones time historically was more obvious. During times of deprivation, be it hunger, cold, or heat, it was a lot more obvious what needed to be done in order to quell that overwhelming feeling.

According to Jordan Peterson, in modern times, we have essentially been deprived of deprivation and have been inundated with prosperity. Douglas Murray chimes in, that some people may even be feeling a sense of boredom or feeling as if they may have too much time in their hands.

In political terms, Douglas Murray makes the point that the left has recognised this ‘gap’ exists and sought to fill it. ‘The most obvious way of filling it is with the horrible, dysfunctional and retributive replacement religion which is identity politics, intersectionalism and all this.’

He speaks about how, at least in our lifetimes, the right has been interested in issues concerning economics. Acknowledging the crucial role economics play. When it is going well, there are a whole series of other aspects of society that flourish and when it is going badly, practically everything is negatively affected.

As a consequence, for the most part, the right has left the idea of identity and the search for meaning in the hands of the observer. This has resulted in many of the so-called ‘culture wars’ being dominated with leftist ideology and the effects of this line of thinking have manifested into various arenas in our general societies.

Another possible reason why the left has been so successful in tacking this area of politics being identity politics, is that , for the most part, as Jordan Peterson points out, the ‘collapse of religious belief hasn’t been as thorough on the right as it has been on the left.’

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