Russell Peters Reveals Why He Was Never on Letterman

In the video below, comedian, Russell Peters appears on the Jordan Peterson Podcast with Jordan Peterson and Mikhaila Peterson, where the three discuss Peters beginning his career as a comedian in Canada, dealing with fame and his take on the industry.

Russell Peters opens up with speaking about his early beginnings coming up as a comedian in Canada, and how his popularity gradually increased throughout the nineties. He became well known in the Toronto comedy scene and was approached to host various shows.

He speaks about how he was occasionally criticised among the Indian community for not fitting a specific view of how Indians are to behave. He qualified this by stating that India is a massive country and the way he grew up, and the way his parents grew up, was not the same way as others, and he was not willing to change his behaviours in order to appease any particular group.

In the mid-nineties, he began his travels landing in England. While there, he was afforded opportunities to perform shows in various places such as Ireland, Belgium and Denmark.

He speaks about how he started gaining larger crowds around 2003-2004 and was starting to get recognized more frequently following the release of his comedy special. He states that there wasn’t a sudden shift in his life regarding him being recognized. He states that at the time he was also a dj and as a result was well known at various clubs and was often able to skip the line and be let inside. He speaks about how as his popularity increased, this kind of thing simultaneously increased.

He shares the hilarious story as to why he was never booked on Letterman and that he has had foot-in-mouth syndrome “many times.”

The discussion then progresses where Jordan Peterson asks him about how he deals with failure as a comedian.

Watch the video here:

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