The Fear Of God Is The Beginning Of Wisdom – Jordan Peterson On Being Inspired

This inspirational message, as told by Dr Jordan Peterson, is one that so many need to hear today.

It speaks to the motivation behind our behaviors and actions, or lack of actions.

He addresses the necessary mindset required in order to move from where you are currently, to your next rung in the ladder of your self-defined ambitions.

He speaks specifically about the weighing of the costs and benefits of doing something, or not doing something, because each decision will have its own consequences.

You are not starting at the zero you assume you are starting with, because not making a decision has a cost and “sometimes the cost of not making a decision is far worse than the cost of making a decision. Even if the decision is risky.”

You’re screwed, no matter what you do.” As stated by Jordan Peterson, every decision you make, or don’t make, will have consequences.

This realization should create a sense of freedom, because once this is accepted, you realize that you have the power over the devil you choose to face.

You don’t get to pick a path without catastrophe, but you do get to pick the catastrophe. This freedom of knowing that no matter what you choose, risks are guaranteed, creates the fortitude to make decisions and accept that no matter what you decide, risks are inevitable.

So take risks, you have no risk-free choice either way.

Once the fact that no matter what you choose, some form of suffering is inevitable, why not choose the path that is noble and admirable?

You don’t get to live in the absence of suffering, but you certainly get to choose your suffering. If you have chosen an admirable and noble path, the suffering becomes much more bearable, and is able to be tolerated much easier than suffering unnecessarily as a result of continuously making poor decisions.

At least with the former, you are moving forward. One way that people create their own hell, is by coming to the realization that they are not where they want to be in life, and it is a result of the decisions they have made.

For those that need some inspiration to help them get through the day and face the dragons head on, get ready to be inspired.

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