This is What a Democratic Socialist Convention is Like

When I first saw the video below, I was certain this had to have been a satirical masterclass! But, like so many situations today, as if scripted for a Simpson’s episode, it is as unreal as it is real.

Below we have a gathering of the most openly narcissistic, cringe-worthy and intolerant group of people on the internet in recent times. The fact that it is expected from complete strangers, to submit to each individuals personal preferences, from preferred pronouns to tolerated behaviour, is a perfect example of how far down the rabbit hole these particular ideologies have gone.

When we see videos of individuals screaming hysterically at restaurant workers for using a chosen pronoun incorrectly, or screaming at a store clerk for saying sir, it becomes patently evident that the narcissistic and complete lack of self-awareness on the part of the deranged is becoming more and more common in our ‘civilised’ societies. The fact that these individuals believe they have the right and absolute moral authority to berate a person, just trying to do their job in the most harmonious way possible, in public, but more than that, on videos uploaded to social media for the world to see, is deeply concerning.

The attitude of these individuals that engage in this behavior is one of, “I am so important”, “if someone offends me, they did it deliberately in order to attack me as a person because clearly they have a problem with me”. When the reality is more likely, the waiter or store clerk is not even thinking about the individual beyond the fact that they are serving them in that particular moment, and is counting down the hours till they get to clock out.

The fact that these deranged individuals believe that complete strangers actually take time out of their day to think about how to offend them, shows how self-absorbed they are.

If the world were to be run by one of the people that voluntarily attended and supports events such as this, and is in favour of this kind of ideology, the human race would be replaced with spineless jellies in no time.


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