Top 10 Feminists vs Logic Compilation

With the rise in radical ideologies in recent times, a certain subset is of particular interest. The rise of the radical feminist deserves special attention.

Although this group of like-minded individuals has, for the most part, been limited to radical individuals leading the charge against their definition of the patriarchy, it has since gained momentum among those in elite political circles.

More and more we are witnessing the birth of this radical thought train being used by prominent politicians and journalistic activists promoting the idea that men have constructed every system in society for the sole purpose of locking women out of discourse and out of positions of power.

Although this set of ideas is not popular among most women when polled, it is unfortunately the case that these ‘activist leaders’ are often the loudest in the room. Even though their conclusions are often not based in reality, they do not let those pesky facts get in their way.

As you will see in the video below, even prominent politicians have taken to the idea that the world needs more ‘feelings over facts’ movements, and they are more than willing to shut down any dissenting viewpoints and resort to the ‘cancelling’ of anyone who dares to disagree with them.

 It is a source of great confusion on the part of the radical feminist when their views are challenged and the response is quite along the lines of, how dare you!?

The video below opens in the Australian Senate with a Senator being accused of ‘mansplaining’. This does not sit well with the Senator, and he quite rightly shuts down the ridiculous claim as a mere political tactic utilised in order to quell any further discussion of topics they deem politically inconvenient. It is interesting to watch her reaction to, perhaps for the first time in a public sphere, being challenged. She clearly was expecting to use the term ‘mansplaining’ in order to force her fellow senator into submission. Thank goodness he does the internet a favour by refusing to comply.

The video goes on to feature the likes of Jordan Peterson, Judge Judy and UFC superstar, Ronda Rousey.

Watch the video here:

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