Why Don’t Young People Understand Socialism?

In the video below, the interviewer poses the question to Jordan Peterson about whether he thinks Americans understand the history of socialism. To which his response is that he believes people, himself included, are extremely ignorant of history.

The discussion progresses towards trying to understand why it is that so many young people are easily seduced by the radical ideas that encapsulate socialism. The first point being that history is not taught to them, and if it is taught, it is taught from the point of view of those who are in support of the radical ideology.

Young people are drawn in to the radical ideals believing they are in support of a compassionate cause. They are constantly bombarded with the idea that there is injustice in the world, and this injustice is perpetrated by whole groups that have ‘rigged the system’, and these groups need to suffer certain consequences.

Jordan Peterson talks about how he believes that individuals report a lot more injustice against the groups they belong, as opposed to injustice against themselves as individuals.

Jordan Peterson states that people are a lot more tolerant of inequality if they believe the unequal outcome is deserved.  He believes that so long as there is fair opportunities, or the perception of fair opportunities, the outcome rests more on individuals, than on entire groups. He makes reference to sports. Where people don’t go to sports events and boo the star, or are particularly concerned with the fact that the star player earns more than his teammates or that he/she receives most of the attention. This is an unequal outcome that people are extremely tolerant of.

As the discussion continues, Jordan Peterson speaks about some of the reasons the tremendous strides made over the last fifty years in relation to poverty reduction, decreases in child mortality and increases in economic opportunities is not topping any trending lists. People have a much greater emotional response to negative situations, and the fact that although absolute poverty is decreasing exponentially, and all the benefits that come along with this are increasing, the mainstream media(television, radio, etc.) focuses on only the negative circumstances in order to attract as much attention as they can manage.

Watch the full exchange here:

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